Erray Ovet 

September 2010

More sad news. Gille, who I've had for 21 years, was showing his age and I decided that it would be unfair to make him go through another winter. He was 29.


Lochindaal Campbell Piper

23rd April 2009 - 23rd July 2010

Very sadly, after an accident in the field, we had to have our lovely yearling gelding put to sleep.

6th July 2010

Some news of one of the first Lochindaal ponies. Lochindaal Campbell Chieftain, now a three year old, was placed third in his class at the Fettercairn show on Saturday 3rd July. He was looking great & it was lovely to see him again.

29th May 2010

Another super foal this morning. It's a colt by Edindurno Glendronach, out of Ellister Islay Shade. The other two foals have started to play with each other which is great fun to watch. I must get some photos of them. They still don't have names!

Shade's foal:

18th May 2010  


Ellister Islay Candy had a  colt foal on the 16th of May. He's also by Edindurno Glendronach and again, we are really pleased with him. So now we have two nameless foals! Flute's filly is getting very friendly and enjoys being scratched all over. She's desperate to play with the new boy but Candy is having none of it!

Candy's foal:


8th May 2010

Ellister Islay Flute had a lovely filly foal yesterday morning. This is her first filly and also our first foal by  Edindurno Glendronach. We are very pleased with the foal and have now to find her a suitable name!

13th April 2010

It was a lovely day here yesterday,  just as well as we had the vet booked to geld Piper & Magnus, the two yearling colts. It was the perfect day for it & it's good to get it done before the new foals start arriving!

17th February 2010

Just a few recent photos of the foals - now yearlings!




10th January 2010

Here's a wee video, taken today. Although we have no snow, the ground is still frozen solid and temperatures have been very low. We've not managed to do any leading practice with the foals as the ground is so hard and is very icy in places.  Hopefully it will start to thaw soon! Double clicking on the video opens up a new window and it can then be viewed in full screen.

2nd January 2010


While we haven't had as much snow as the rest of the country, it is freezing! Of course, the ponies all have good, thick coats and the cold doesn't bother them. We're looking forward to this year. We are getting excited about seeing our first foals from Bramble and doing a bit more with our youngsters. Photos from today are of Victoria, Crystal and Quartz.

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