NEWS 2009

20th Dec 2009

It's usually quite mild here on Islay, but the last few days have been a bit wintery, with even some frost and snow. Here are the foals enjoying their first day of snow!

15th November 2009

The foals were all good today, handling is coming along nicely despite the wintery weather. I took lots more photos of them but I think I'll share one of Bramble with you. It was actually quite difficult to take a nice photo of him as he was following me round like a puppy. I just love him, he's fairly compact with plenty bone and substance and is very much a good doer!

8th November 2009

This week, Gibson carried on practising loading with the foals and had them all coming in for a bite of hay. Yesterday we took the plunge and decided to wean them. When we weaned Murdo & Chieftain, we put them in the trailer and took them away from the mares, this worked well so we decided to do the same with this year's foals. There was very little fuss made by mares or foals and they all settled quickly. Gille has gone in with the foals to keep them in line and they also have Tammy and the fillies next to them.

31st October 2009

Sunshine again! We introduced the foals to the trailer today. Piper was the bravest and made it half way up the ramp, with the other two looking on. I took some photos of them making their way over to us.

Quartz and Crystal joined Tammy and Victoria up on the hill.

25th October 2009

The clocks have gone back and winter has arrived! I had hoped to get some nice photos of Bramble this afternoon but it was starting to get dark so they're not that great. He's on his own just now in a field up behind my house, he seems to be enjoying his sea view.

17th October 2009

It was a beautiful day here today - any excuse for some photos! Here are Lena & Magnus enjoying the early evening sun.

11th October 2009

Finally, Lena has decided that we're not as scary as she thought! We've been taking things slowly with her, mainly ignoring her while handling the colts. We've managed a few bottom scratches but today she was happy to be scratched all over.

I took a couple of better photos of Quartz & Crystal today too.

29th September 2009

Just back from a very relaxing holiday! While away we visited the Ruwenzori stud, on the Black Isle. Wendy & David very kindly showed us round all their lovely ponies. It was particularly nice to meet Knockandy Bonnie Jean, full sister to our 2yo filly Victoria. Wendy doesn't have a website, so here is a link to some photos I took on the day: RUWENZORI

Knockandy Bonnie Jean:

13th September 2009

I managed to get a photo of Gibson today! Here he is posing with Piper:

The dogs were with us too and had a great time. Flynn is Gibson's collie & the other two are my terriers:

Magnus & Lena were unimpressed by their antics:

11th September 2009

We've had lovely weather for the last few days. I've managed to get some photos of the new arrivals, not great because they are very friendly and more interested in the camera than posing! They are 3yo, Glenedin Crystal (on the right & below) and Glenedin Quartz on the left. Crystal's tail was chewed by a youngster! Both are by Uilleam of Whitefield.

 I also managed to get a nice photo of the two colt foals posing and another of Piper letting off some steam:

6th September 2009.

We decided not to purchase any new additions this year, but we changed our minds when two lovely fillies came up for sale. We bought them from their breeder, Kathleen MacAskill, on the Isle of Skye. We met up with Kathleen yesterday at Fort William Auction Mart and loaded the girls from her lovely spacious lorry into our wee trailer. They travelled beautifully and unloaded without fuss in the dark. We are really pleased with both of them. Kathleen has done great job with them and they have lovely temperaments and good manners. I haven't got great photos of them yet but I will sort that out soon. I'll introduce them properly when I get good photos. They will definitely be the last purchases for some time!

4th September 2009.

Foal handling is coming on well with both colts. They will be leading and loading in time for weaning.

Lena is a bit more independant!

I'm not getting any good photos of them at the moment, they've either got their nose up at the camera or heads down eating. I'll try to get some good ones before they get too fluffy, hopefully when the sun is shining.


I've given the website a minor revamp and have decided to add a news page. I will do my best to keep it up to date. I have removed the photo gallery and have instead added links to photos on the mares, stallions and youngstock pages, alongside the link to each pony's pedigree. Comments on the website, good or bad are always welcome!

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