Ellister Islay Flute

(Whitefield King Duncan x Ceilidh of Glenmarkie)

Foaled 2002


Flute has had two colt foals by Nashend Buzzard: 

2007 Lochindaal Campbell Chieftain (pictured).

2009 Lochindaal Campbell Piper

She has had one filly by Edindurno Glendronach:

2010 - Lochindaal Campbell Myrtle.

 Flute's Pedigree   Photos


Ellister Islay Candy

(Claymore Duisky x Gracedene)

Foaled 2001

Candy also has had two colts by Nashend Buzzard

2007 Solus of Lochindaal (pictured)

2009 Mànus Mòr of Lochindaal (FOR SALE)

She had a colt in 2010 by Edindurno Glendronach:

Claidheamh Mór of Lochindaal (aka Claymore)

Candy's Pedigree  Photos


Ellister Islay Shade

(Claymore Duisky x Denmill Moss Rose) 

Foaled 2001

Pleased with our first two Ellister Islay mares, we bought Shade in the spring of 2008.

She delighted us with our first filly foal:

2009 Lena of Lochindaal (by Nashend Buzzard)

She had a colt in 2010 by Edindurno Glendronach:

Moss of Lochindaal

Shade's Pedigree   Photos


Fleetmead Shuna

(Alick of Litigan x Succoth Sarah)

Foaled 1994

Shuna is an older mare and we purchased her in July 2008. She has settled into island life well!

Shuna has produced some lovely foals in the past and we hope that she will do so for us too. Her sire is a successful performance pony and has had many wins in the show ring and in dressage.

Her dam was a local lass, born and bred in Argyll!

Shuna wasn't put to the stallion in 2010.  

Shuna's Pedigree   Photos


Dockenwells Tasmin

(Trademark of Whitefield x Coulmore Pearl)

Tammy was bought as a riding pony, as despite running with a stallion for several years, she failed to have a foal.

She is invaluable as a companion to the stallion when he is 'off duty'. She is on the right of the picture, Bramble on the left.

Summer 2010: Tammy was getting a bit fat so she had a wee holiday at Rockside Trekking Centre! She's now back at home,  keeping Bramble company

Tammy's Pedigree   Photos

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