June 2015

Summer is here but no-one has told the weather that yet! It doesn't stop visitors coming to Islay for a holiday though but I wonder how many end up taking a pony back home with them? That's just what one lady who stayed at Lyrabus Croft did - she does have a Highland already & so was keen to see ours. When she met Magnus ( a special pony it has to be said), she really wanted him. So, Magnus set sail for Dumfries and made himself at home. We wish Wendy lots of happiness with this amazing boy. He should have had a travelling companion but it didn't go to plan, with a delayed ferry amongst other things that went wrong!! We hope to remedy that soon & a friend or two might be heading the same way for a bit of education!


Mànus Mòr of Lochindaal (Magnus) waits patiently in the field for the horsebox to appear, to take him to his new home. 

 It's not all departures on the croft! After being sold as a yearling, the now 5yo Moss of Lochindaal has returned! He's had enough of living the high life & going to shows and has come home for a bit of R&R. He remembered where he was, as he knew exactly how to navigate his away across the moss to the other ponies. He reminds me a lot of his sire.

Photo below taken the day after he came home:

 Spring update 2015

Knockandy Victoria - our wee black mare that did so well on her first & only visit to the Islay Show & who foaled the very well put together Lily of Lochindaal for us, has gone! The plan was to send her off to be backed and then to keep her here and possibly breed another foal from her at some point. We were successful with the first part of the plan - she went over to Ballivicar Farm but she settled in so well there that we agreed to sell her to them. She loves attention & there are lots of local youngsters that ride there regularly that will certainly give her that! We know she's a very happy pony over there & Claymore is kept there too by his owner.

 Left: Victoria enjoying the view at Ballivicar

Above: Claidheamh Mór of Lochindaal  

 14th September 2014

This morning six of the ponies went off to their new home in Cumbria. One of their new field mates is actually one of the first foals we bred (Solus of Lochindaal). I wonder if he'll remember Ellister Islay Flute? He'll get to meet his half sister, Beth of Lochindaal along with the other four that have gone: Glenedin Quartz & Crystal and Covie & Beth of Lochindaal. I'm sure they'll be very happy in their new home & I think there will be a very excited family in Cumbria just now!! Highly recommend Gavin Jamieson Transport (his driver today was fantastic) to anyone.

Gibson waves them off:

 And they're away!


2nd September 2014

We currently have three ponies that we'd consider selling to the right homes - see FOR SALE page for further details. We have a transporter due over mid September & he may have space for one or two ponies, so if anyone is interested in buying a pony from us, now would be a good time!

I've created a Facebook page called Lochindaal Highland Ponies - not sure how to do a link to it here (yet!) but if anyone who has a Lochindaal pony or one of our former brood mares, we'd love you to post photos, stories etc on to the page. Or, if you have relatives of any of the ponies, we'd love to see photos of them too!



We're absolutely delighted with the updates we receive from Vicky & her mum Susan. Vicky now owns Bramble (our former stallion Edindurno Glendronach) & Moss of Lochindaal (3yo gelding-  Edindurno Glendronach x Ellister Islay Shade).

Vicky has had the boys out showing & they've been doing very well & she very kindly sends us photos that Susan takes on the day.


The first is Bramble & Vicky followed by one of Moss with Luke the farrier - he is very fond of Moss & enjoys showing him!



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